Friday, December 28, 2007

End of December, end to a lot of things

Mom has had a really hard past few days. I am not sure if it is the let down after Christmas that has contributed to her bad days. She has been crying more than usual. I have been trying to give her more "alone" time because I need to go back to work. It it hard for me to do that to her, leave her alone like this, but I know she has to get used to time alone. The other day it was warm and spring like. I told her that maybe come spring we will be stronger. Me, I pretend that dad is in Florida with my grandma. Sometimes that works for me. Not always. But I have to play tricks on myself like that in order to stay strong.
So the year is ending in a few days. Who would have thought that it was going to end like this? Not me. But as one year ends another begins. Now instead of facing a new year with hope I mostly face it with fear. Fear of what the year holds. My new year's resolution is to find the hope and find the faith. Hold my hand. I may need you. Y

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