Friday, October 24, 2008

Hospital reports and money fears

Well, last week Mom mom received the hospital reports from the lawyer and she and Pastor John sat down and went over them. That was nice of him to help her out. We were supposed to go to the lawyers office this week but that was cancelled and now we are meeting with them November 5th. I just pray that something can be done. I have not read the reports but understand that the hospital dropped the ball a couple of times regarding things that were supposed to be done but were not. I am not sure what will happen. I cannot even think what will happen to mom if nothing can be done. I won't go there. I realize that money would not bring my dad back to life but it would give my mother a life to live. She cries all the time. She is so afraid that she has no money. She is now living on $1,000 a month. Could YOU do that? This is 50% less than what was coming in when dad was alive. What do you tell her to do? Sell the house in this market? And what would she get? Surely not enough to start a new home even in a small apartment. We just have to believe that something can be done. It still hurts me to think about what happened and how something clearly could have been done to save my father's life. There were so many signs that something was wrong but no one cared enough.
So, that is where we stand now. I am looking forward to putting this all in the hands of someone and getting on with life. Grateful for prayers and for the comfort of friends.
It will be 11 months next week. Can that be true?