Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Eve of Christmas Eve

I must confess that I am happy it is the Christmas season. People say to me it must be so hard having this happen at this time of year. No, it is comforting for it to be now. People are kinder. That will end soon enough and all will be back to the "norm". But for a few weeks people see the world through the eyes of a child and everything seems a little more gentle. I will be sorry to see the Christmas season end. The lights and bustle of the holiday have been a good distraction from reality. In a few days we will start a new year. And it will be a year like none I have known in my life. It will be my first year without my dad. That is scary and sad and horrible. It is new and I for one do not like change of any kind. I will pray for a change that we can live with.

Oh, in case I do not wander back here before Christmas I want to send you a wish. It is hard for me to write on here, but it is the one place I can put my tears. I do not know if I will write more in the next few days. I hope you understand. But~
For anyone who is reading this, I wish you a wonderful Christmas filled with love and family. Please hug those who are dear to you and tell them you love them. You will never regret that, trust me. If I could hug my daddy one more time it would mean the entire world to me. The last time my dad saw me was the night before he was supposed to come home from the hospital. I kissed him goodbye when I left. If only I had known that was the last time what would I have done? I do not regret kissing him goodbye. It was the last time, the last chance. Please be sure to tell the ones you love that you do indeed love them. You will never be sorry. I promise. Christmas blessings to you~

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