Thursday, December 13, 2007

Taking Care of Business

Yesterday I took mom to the bank to take care of some business....putting my name on accounts and making sure she had money in the bank. Losing a husband means losing some financial security as well. Instead of receiving 2 social security checks each month she will now receive only 1. She will get dad's because his was the larger of the 2 but how is this fair? How do you lose so much of your monthly income? You lose your husband and your sense of security in more ways than one. It just does not seem right to me. But then nothing seems right at the moment.
It was hard for mom to go in and tell the people at the bank that dad had died. But she did really good. She only cried a little bit.....but I know it was very, very hard for her.
After that we went to lunch and then home. That was about all we could take for the day. But it was something that needed to be taken care of so I am proud of mom for taking this big step.

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