Saturday, December 15, 2007

Random thoughts on a snowy day

It is snowy and cloudy and I just have some random thoughts about some things that I have been meaning to post here.

The other night mom and I went to a dinner theatre where my son was performing. It was a take on the 12 Days of Christmas and it really was cute. The entire cast is just 3 guys, the restaurant was cozy and intimate the show is funny...we had a nice evening inspite of how gloomy we have been feeling....but there are some really important things that happened that night that I want to share.

Mom and I were seated at a table with 2 other family members of the cast.....the wife of one man and the mom of the girl that put it all and I were feeling sad with the loss of dad so recent and us seeing a performance of my son without dad...something that is really odd.

The following two things struck me as really important moments of the evening.

1. We got to know each other at the table a little bit....we told them about the course of the evening we found out that the one woman's sister has terminal ovarian cancer.....the other woman's brother was the first victim of the Washington DC sniper......we were all grieving in our own silent ways.....but yet we toasted the fact that we were out and trying to enjoy the holiday, we were surviving. It was good to share with others who know all about pain. But had we not talked and had just been sitting there....none of us would have known what was in the heart and mind of the others. You just never know.

2. The other thing that touched me was a young girl.... At the start of the night we had to write down our names and our favorite Christmas gift....there was going to be a drawing at the end of the was supposed to be a random draw out of a hat, but don't tell anyone... it was rigged that night....because this young girl of around 12 years old was there with her dad just the two of them and she had written on her paper what her best Christmas gift ever was ..."the powers that be" were so touched by what she had written that the "random" draw winning name was hers.

It brought tears to my eyes when they read what her favorite Christmas gift ever was.

Because that little girl realized what a perfect gift she had....she had written her best Christmas present ever was.
Dinner out with her amazing dad.

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