Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday just Tuesday

I know it is not all about me but to start, I went to the doctor today because I have not been feeling very good since the day we were supposed to see the lawyer in December and I got so sick. Saw nurse practitioner today, urine tests were all wonky so I have to take pills for 7 days and go back in 10 days for another test. She said it could be nothing, something not too serious, all the way up to bladder cancer! Now why would you tell someone that? She got my attention for sure. I will take all my pills and make follow up visit but still, odd to me that you would tell someone that right off the bat. She asked me if I was okay and said that one time she told a patient that and that for 10 days that is all the patient could think about. Well, do ya think!?!? That is like telling someone to go for a drive in the car saying, Now you may wind up in a beautiful location, you may have a flat tire, or you may crash. Now have fun! Come back in 10 days~
Yesterday mom met with the lawyer. She liked him. I was sick so did not go. (Thanks Mrs H for once again spreading those angel wings and helping out. I love you being in our family and surrounding us with your love. We could not do this without you. Hope Mr H will be well soon.) Lawyer agrees something went wrong. He said it might take a while to settle but we do not care we want to pursue it no matter what. This should never happen to anyone else. There has to be responsibility and accountability and the patient has to be treated as an individual not as separate body parts. So right now he will wait to get all the medical records. That could take up to a month. We still have not heard a word about autopsy so at least we will have an answer on that when lawyer gets the records! Somehow makes it a little easier knowing that the first step has been taken, that someone feels the same way we do.
Guess that is about it for right now. Mom is doing little things that amaze me. It all takes time but she is trying new things every day and making little changes and I am proud of her. Thanks for reading~ take care.

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