Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Missing my dad

I miss my dad. I even said it out loud tonight when I drove my son to his play rehearsal. It was hard to say it out loud, to hear the actual words. But man oh man I miss him so much. I miss him to the furthest part of my very soul. I close my eyes and I see him. I hear him calling me telling me that he will pick my son up from play rehearsal. I can hear him even without my special "happy birthday" voice mail message. I don't need that voice mail to hear my dad, I can hear him so clearly all the time. Sometimes it all hurts worse now than I thought it would. People keep saying it will take time, that it will get better, but they are liars. Someone had told me that there would be days when it was better and then days when is was worse then before....yep that person told me the truth. Odd how some days are so much harder than others and for no real reason either. I guess tonight it is just because dad always either tag teamed with me on rehearsals where I would drop off and he would pick up, or he just did all the driving. My dad adored my son so much. He was so proud of him. I know that my son is suffering so much now too, but he is trying to be the man of the family. It is hard for him. He is such a good boy. I always thanked God for such a good boy but now, even more, I am grateful that I have such a caring, honorable, loving young man to call my son. I think he got all of that from his Gramps.

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