Sunday, January 27, 2008

Theatre Family

Last night my son and I went to the Hawthorne Players 2007 Season Awards Banquet. It was very nice. Ryan has done plays with many theatre groups but this one is his favorite. There are so many good people. The show that won best show of the season was Spoon River Anthology. Four actors played 64 parts. It was such a beautiful show. Ryan played 19 different characters and was so very proud of how this show turned out. It was the last show that Gramps saw him in.
At the beginning of the awards presentation Ray Shea, president of the group, said a few words about people with the group who had died and was kind enough to mention dad and how moving dad's memorial service was. I bit my lip hard to keep from crying. Such a lovely thing to include dad in the evening. Everyone knows how proud Gramps was of Ryan. He never missed a performance. He enjoyed helping out when needed with sets and ushering and just watching as a proud grandfather. I will never forget the first night of this show when looking at the program seeing that Ryan dedicated this performance to his biggest fans Grams, Gramps and I my father just sat there and cried. He was so proud. And so it meant so much to us for Ray to say a few kind words about dad on a night celebrating theatre.
Ray was so special during the time with dad. Once I emailed him about it and told him Ryan needed some emotional support he sent the word out to Ryan's theatre family. It astounds me to this day how much love was showered on my son and I. It was true heart felt love without any limits. There were emails and so much support, many attended the memorial service. Even now I tear up to think about how kind these people are. Last night we got many hugs and people telling us how happy there were to see us. It was heartwarming and comforting, it was like coming home.


Karla said...

:How sweet that the theatre family remembered your day on their special day. That's because he was such a special person. And how great it is that Ryan could share that special part of his life with his gramps. Ryan can always hold on to those memories. I'm sure it was hard to go through that, but how comforting too that he is remembered. You too can always hold on to those memories, especially on those days that are so hard to get through. You,Ryan and Aunt Phyllis are always in my thoughts and prayers. I love you!

Smokey's Daughter said...

Thanks Karla, These are great people. Ray was the bad guy in the play you got to see in Sept. He is a great guy. The Alumni at Ryan's school are dedicating their musical this weekend to dad too!! That is so cool. What a lovely way to honor Gramps!! I love you, to the moon and beyond.