Friday, April 4, 2008

No small parts only small actors

It is so hard to see someone you love in pain. It is even harder when that someone is your child.

My son has carried around a lot of pain the past several months. First his dog died after 13 years, he never really remembered life without Sheriff since he got him when he was 4 years old. Sheriff was his best friend. Then we lost Gramps, this loss was devestating to my son. The only father figure in his life. Gramps was Ryan's number one fan. It was truly the most horrible loss. It has been so hard on him and he was just coming to some kind of terms with it and thinking of the next major life change of graduating from High School and now another blow. He got accepted at the college he wants to attend but not the program he had his heart set on. He got the news yesterday. It was so heart wrenching to see the pain. There was nothing I could do but reassure him that we have been through worse than this. I understand that this is like another punch in the gut to the kid. I know that things happen for a reason but sometimes it is so hard to figure out what that reason can possibly be. To have a dream and to believe it will come true only to have it turn it's back on you is so hard. Especially when you are a child who is trying to become a man.

So I will hug him and tell him that it will all be okay. I really believe that it will and somewhere down the line he will be grateful for what seems to be a set back at this time. This is where my dad was so good at bear hugs and making you feel better. It is just so unfair for this kid to have to deal with heart ache again. He is such a good boy. But he is strong and he will bounce back. Bouncing back is good; it is just hitting the ground before the bounce that hurts.

My darling son, Do not ever stop dreaming. It is what makes life beautiful. The world would be an awful place without the dreamers. You can do anything you set your mind to. The world is a blank canvas just waiting for you to pick up the brush and start your work of art. You are amazing. I am so proud of you and can't wait to watch your continuing journey to becoming a man. So keep dreaming and when life knocks you down-bounce!

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