Thursday, April 24, 2008

DePaul Hospital kills people and then tries to cover it up

Mom just called me crying. Said the doctor called her that he finally got dad's papers (I guess autopsy) Said there was nothing in there about a tear in his heart or anything. I KNEW those bastards were up to something. I KNEW that the only reason that murdering doctor worked so long & hard on Dad and took him to ER after he died was just to FIX his "mistake". I am furious. I just pray that the lawyers can fight for what really happened!! You cannot kill someone and then fix it to cover up what you did....You just cannot be able to do that. Please God make that not happen. It has always been suspicious that they did the autopsy right away when the nurses had told us it would be days before they could get a team together. They did it to cover up their mistake. They denied us the right to donate dad's tissues because they ignored our wishes just so they could hurry up and cover up all the things that they neglected. I will not let them get away with this. DePaul Hospital in St. Louis, Mo MURDERS people and then tries to cover it up. Bottom line. I pray to God for the strength to take them down and tarnish their reputation.
They can not kill my father and get away with it. They just can't.

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Anonymous said...

I would really like to talk with you. The same thing happened to our family. I dont see a private way to send you my info on here. Could you maybe add a contact button? It wouldnt have to show your email address. Thank you