Thursday, April 10, 2008

Laughter is like music

My mother is still on her trip to the Grand Canyon and parts around there. She has called me at least twice a day since she has been gone. Sure, it is a pain in the neck. I keep telling her she is on vacation and needs to stop calling here. That falls on deaf ears and she keeps calling. But tonight it was different. She was laughing! It was nice. Laughter. Real laughter not the fake I am trying to convince people that I am okay laughter. I think this trip with her friend Sharon has been a blessing and a healing of the soul. They are already talking about future trips. Sharon is an angel.
Friends can heal you. Old dear friends can heal you and make you laugh again. Special thank you to my dear friend Mary who called me today and made me remember why I love her so much just by being herself.
Laughter is the best medicine but you need to have a dear friend to be the doctor who dishes this medicine out!

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