Sunday, February 10, 2008

A normal day

Yesterday mom and I went out for lunch and just running around. She did not cry or whine the entire time! Okay, this was a big deal for me. Lately I have been the world's worst daughter. I know my mother is grieving but the grief was getting to be too much. It was like quicksand dragging me down somewhere I was trying to save myself from. The sadness is so over powering that it made it difficult for me to want to even talk to her on the phone much less spend any time with that grief and sorrow. We are all trying to find our way in this time of hurt. My son and I try to face the world with a brave face and tell ourselves it will be okay. For the most part my mother seems like a prisoner to the pain. It can be crushing to those of us trying to live the way my father did. To celebrate life. But yesterday was a good day. It was a normal day. Mom starts grief counceling next week and I think it will help her. I am grateful to any day that is just normal. Any day we can remember dad and smile. Any day we can face the world the way he did, with joy and excitement. Any day we can celebrate life.

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