Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Lottery Ticket

My dad used to buy scratch off tickets and lottery tickets. He did it regularly. I have had a lottery ticket on my shelf since December. It had been in my dad's wallet and I put it on my shelf to check it to see if it was a winner. I finally took it off the shelf to check it the other night. It of course brought me to tears. As I held the little pink slip of paper in my hand, I looked at the date November 21, and there they came, the tears. I could not stop. I just kept crying as I looked at that date. The day after dad's surgery. A day my dad was still alive. I held the pink paper and ran my finger over the date as I pictured my dad buying this ticket. How he put it in his wallet to check it later. How he had no idea that he would never get the chance. I could see him so clearly in my mind. I could see his face. I could see the way he would stand. I could hear his voice. All from running my finger over that lottery ticket I had him back with me. Sometimes you buy a chance at a dream by buying a lottery ticket. You buy the dream because you just never know, you may be a big winner. I guess everything is a chance. You just never know.

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