Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The 20's

You know how they called them the "roaring" 20's? Well that is what we are in now. For the 3rd time. The 20's. The awful days from the 20th-29th. See, dad had surgery Nov. 20. Then "it" happened Nov.26 and the "official" end was Nov. 29. Did I mention this before? The first time or the second time? I do not remember. I do not purposely look for the 20's but I somehow can't help but notice them when they are here. This will be the 3rd time. Hopefully the charm. LOL. I laugh to keep from crying.
Good things tho. Mr H had successful surgery at the dreadful hospital of hell. He should be home Friday. We are grateful for this. Mom went to church Sunday for the first time. We are grateful to the loving, compassionate people at church who are always there to hold you up and give a hug. There was a lunar eclipse tonight. It was pretty. The moon was so large and bright tonight. It was lovely. I know it is not really relevant to anything but my name means goddess of the moon. Forgive me I had to find something lighthearted since this blog always seems to send me to tears.Afterall we are in the 20's and need to find something magical to hang on to.

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