Monday, May 26, 2008


Last night I dreamt of my father. I don't know if I have done that before...this may be the first time in 6 months that I have. He did not speak to me or give me any advice, although I will admit that would have been wonderful. He was just THERE, ya know? He was very present. I could see him clearly. I could remember every line, every hair, every pore. I seemed to focus on his hand. Maybe because in the end I held his hand so much? I wanted to hold his hand forever. My dream was so real. It almost made me forget....but I did not....we are in the "twenty's" again aren't we?

Yesterday we had a party for my son's graduation. I am so proud of this boy. He is everything a person could ask for. The party was at our house and it was lovely. I had wanted to have it down at my mom & dad's because they have a large patio with a lot of room and because that way I would have felt that dad was there. But it rained so we had everyone to our house. We had a few friends and family and that is all you really need. It was a small and intimate open house. We so appreciated everyone taking the time to come by. It meant so much to both of us. The only thing missing was my dad. But he was there. I know it. Because he was still there for my dream.

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