Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Son the College Graduate

It has been almost a month since graduation. I should have posted this right away when it was all fresh and new in my head but the next day we took off for 10 days of vacation. Besides you know how I cry when I write my blog so being 1 month out might mean a few less tears. The day was filled with friends who are our family, a surprise visit from my cousin who flew in from Tennessee for the day & something missing which of course was my dad.
I am so proud of this young man whom I call my son. He has been my heart since the moment I found out he was "in the tummy". The only person who was prouder than me of this kid was my dad. He beamed talking about his grandson. He adored this child.....and I am happy to say the feeling was mutual. My son loved his gramps.
We are still at a loss as to why dad is gone. It never should have happened. It is a nightmare that we still try to wake up from.
At the University it is tradition for members of the gratuating class to ring the bell. After standing in line in the heat for a long time it was my son's turn. As we stood there waiting for him to pull the rope he did something so beautiful that we were all the spirit of It's A Wonderful Life and bells ringing and angels getting wings.... is my son's dedication to his gramps. I miss you dad. Today is Father's Day and I dedicate this to you all over again. We take you with us....always.

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Anonymous said...

I just loved the "dedication" Ryan did for his grandfather!
My all time favourite movie is it's a Wonderful Life, and I can recite it word for word, but only because it touched me with a spirit, and true meaning of the value of human relationships. Ryan, terrific stuff young man, everyone is so proud of you! Thanks for sharing my American Sis! Love Brian