Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Blessed Easter/Passover and New Beginnings of Spring

The time of the year for rebirth and new beginnings. Maybe for my family as well. I talked to my mom today and she is ready to try to sell her house. She no longer has the need to stay there. She feels like she can leave and not be leaving my dad. She is ready to move on. With the economy and such who knows if she can sell her house at all. But talking about it is a positive step. She is going to contact a realtor and see what she can expect. At this point if she can sell it for more than she owes on it that will be a blessing. Otherwise when the money runs out she is ready to just give the loan company the keys and walk away. While we don't want her to have to do that at least she is accepting that reality and ready. I really truly believe that this time she is ready. It is time. Finally. Praying for something good to happen. It is time to move on. Time for rebirth.

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