Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stressed is Just Desserts Spelled Backwards

Hello world. Have a nice day....yeah sure. BLAH!
I have decided that it quite possibly may be the stress that keeps me standing. If I were ever to actually relax I would probably fall on the ground. What do people do when they have others to help them? What is it like to have someone take care of you? Is it wonderful? Is it horrible?

Is it even possible??

My mother is moving in with son and I. She has known this for months. I have been taking boxes to her telling her that all she needs to do is fill one small copy paper box with stuff each day. ONE BOX a day. She has weeks to do this. WEEKS. Last week she headed off to Salt Lake City to visit a friend. I took a week's vacation to move her stuff to my house and get her room all settled. Did she pack stuff up?? Do you think she did? She had weeks afterall. And only needed to pack one small box a day. Of course NOT. She did not pack even a sock. NOTHING. So who does this exhausting task fall to? Yep the Queen of Stress. It is so frustrating. I am so tired of taking care of everyone. I know I am pouty but hey what about ME?? Oh sigh.

Days of vacation wasted in packing up boxes and moving furniture. Aching backs and sheer exhaustion. Plus she is not selling the house or anything. Simply staying with me for a few months while a friend rents her house out furnished. If I started screaming it would not be pretty.

Yesterday I get in her car only to notice that she needed an oil change in OCTOBER!!

What?!?! Seriously? Who has to find the time by taking another day off to take care of this?? Oh yeah, ME!

Dear son was a huge help the week of my vacation. He moved heavy boxes and furniture. Did a lot of cleaning and clearing but, he is young and cannot keep this good behavior up forever. He has now reverted to the " I only have time for my own stuff" young man that we know and love. That is fine. He should not have to be the one to take care of everything.

I am sorry. I just need a minute.Everytime I come on here it seems it is just to complain about how life is unfair to me. It is all about me afterall. Yeah sure. Pass me some desserts before I relax and fall down!!

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