Monday, March 14, 2011

Mom is Moving On, Then Back, Then In

Mom will be moving on as in out of the house to Utah for a visit. Back here when she is finished traveling and then in moving in...with me...and dear son. God help us all. In a little over a week my mom will be headed to Utah to visit with a friend. Friend wants mom to stay for 2 months. Mom does not know how long she will stay. I am hoping for at least a month. Now don't think bad of me because I am joyfully awaiting my mother heading out of town. But for 3 years now I have worried about her constantly. For the time she is in Utah with her friend I will be FREE!! Someone else can worry about her for a few weeks. I am beyond giddy with the anticipation of this knowledge. If I don't hear from her I need not worry that she has fallen and cannot get up. I will not have to feel guilty if I do not want to go out over the weekend and take her somewhere. I will not worry like I do when she takes the car somewhere and does not leave me a message. She will be out having FUN with her friend. They will laugh and visit and live. It is good for her. Sure, it is good for me and the son, but it is good for mom too. This is what I wanted her to do all along. Take trips and have fun. When she comes back to town she will not be going back to the house she has shared with my dad since I was in the second grade. Instead she will move in with us. It is time. It is past time. In order to have any money to live on she has to move in with us or risk losing everything. While she is in Utah, son and I will move some of her things to our house and turn my room into a room for her complete with lavendar comforter since she likes purple. It will be a time of much adjustment for all of us. A friend will be renting out her place for a few months to help her save money and decide if she can finally give up the house. It is time. Time to move on, time to move in. Time to stock my house with a secret stash of lots of chocolate ♥

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