Saturday, May 22, 2010

TV & Cell Phones Have Ruined The Theatre

I went to the Theatre with my son Thursday afternoon, I know, Thursday afternoon, but he won the tickets so it was free and a good reason to take a day off. I must preface this by saying I go to a LOT of theatre. My son is a Theatre Major and has been acting since grade school so I see a lot of shows. All I have to say to the masses is SHUT UP! Oh my gosh it is annoying to have people talking during the show. Not WHISPERING mind you but TALKING! I think this stems from TV. You sit in your home and have converstions with the characters on the screen. And that is fine YOU ARE AT HOME! I have laughed and cried and pointed and sighed at my TV. I have screamed at just about everything that Jack Bauer does (goodbye 24) but that is because I am in the privacy of my very own home. Sitting on my sofa. Alone. Not bothering anyone.

It was bad enough with people talking about the folks on the stage as if they were sitting at home watching....oh she sings good, he is so tall, this is what is going on so I will give you a blow by blow description in case you don't understand Honey. But now we have the cell phone! Dah dah da....oh this is awful too. It is one thing that you cannot go to the grocery store without thinking numerous people are asking you a question but they are really on the phone. I have even taken walks around a lake at a county park to enjoy nature only to run into umpteen people talking on cell phones. Now theatre goers check messages during the show...or even have PHONE CALLS during the show.... and at Intermission it is like everyone is on cellphone crack the way they turn on their cell phones! The entire place lights up!
And what about the people who bring in snacks and unwrap candy when the entire theatre is silent? Or crying babies, loud goes on and on.

Point is.....LIVE THEATRE is happening LIVE. You really are there. And so are hundreds if not thousands of others. Unless this is some rock concert you pretty much should shut up and enjoy! Because the person next to you may have spent $75 for their ticket and they are hanging on every word. No one wants to hear your vibrating phone, half whispered dinner plans, candy wrappers, etc. If you cannot respect the people sitting around you then you need to stay home until this show is made into a movie and released on DVD!

I shall now step off my soapbox and retire to my sofa for some alone TV time. ♥


Walker said...

When i go to the theater i tell everyone to call my cell every 5 minutes then set it on vibrate and sit on it.
Like watching while on a massage chair.

OH you have to have it fully charged ;)

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing too last week when I visited New York City and was walking through Central Park. I would periodically sit on one of the benches to commune with nature only to have people sitting on a bench next to me going to town on their cell phones. It struck me then, like it did you in the theater...cell phones have ruined nature.

They've ruined a lot of things.