Monday, March 15, 2010

Religious Tolerance

Shouldn't there be religious tolerance? After all this is the year 2010! But there are still people who feel that what they believe is the ONLY answer. I am floored by things like this! My son was baptized Presbyterian & attended Catholic high school. My beautiful son is the picture of pure tolerance and freedom. My son wants to be a Jew.

I was totally taken aback by a friend when upon learning this fact actually had emailed me:
I think that would totally crush me if my son renounced Jesus as the Son of God. You seem to be taking it well- much, much better than I would. I would be totally freaked out! Oh yeah and she added 4 "wow"s to make a point. Well that was very opened minded of you my friend. Thank you! BLEH! Truthfully, the only thing that freaked me out was HER! I do not even want to imagine what she thinks about same sex marriage or people's right to choose how they live based solely on that person's own right and beliefs and choices! I wonder what she really thinks of ME. After all I got pregnant outside of marriage and raised my son as a single mom! She makes it sound like he wants to become a cannibal or club baby bunnies! He just wants to worship and love. Why would I ever be freaked out by that?

We turned a new century 10 years ago now but I still think there are some out there who would be burning people at the stake for not conforming to what THEY think is right and proper. People have died protecting this country, to make it what it is, a land where everyone is free to believe what they will. And yes, that includes people like my friend who think that only what they believe is the right thing. She has a right to believe what she will but I do not think that is tolerance or peace. I am sad for people like that. Open up your minds and your hearts. After all, Jesus was a JEWISH carpenter ♥


Walker said...

Religion bah
I think you believe what you wish and that's the way it should be.
In the west we hve the freedom and people such as your friend is living in the wrong country if she doesn't understand that.
Jesus was a Jew and died a Jew.

Oddly enough I don;t believe in god but do in Jesus and many of the principles.

Another thing, Christians, Jews and Muslims believe in the same god just different prophets.

I believe in mother nature.
She has better drugs.

You tell your son he should do what makes him happy and you will be happy knowing he is too.

Oh and if you;'re not to shy tell your friend to explore anal sex or at least get a barium enema.
It'll do wonder for her attitude.

Smokey's Daughter said...

Have I told you lately that I love you? Well I do!!