Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ain't No Sunshine.

It is hard to believe that January is almost over. Whew! There ya go. It means that we are that much closer to Spring! I am not a "winter" kind of gal. I do not like being cold. I do not like ice or snow. The sun has not been out in over 2 weeks! They say we may have sunshine this week but it will not last more than a day, if it lasts that long. Why is it that the coldest time of the year is also the most sad and dreary??
It is hard to smile when there is no sun. It is easy to be lazy and tired and clueless this time of year. The demons are darker, the depression is keener. Not that I am crazy depressed or anything...I just mean it is easier to fall into it this time of year.
My dog, the lovely Babette, had an awful eye ulcer. In the past 2 weeks it has cost $400 for her to get well. I have no money. I buy my clothes at Goodwill. I skimp on groceries to try to pay the bills. There are things on my house that desperately need to be fixed but I cannot fix them And let's not even go into the amount of dental work I STILL need even after the $1,000 I have already spent on my mouth. But there was no hesitation when it came to making my dog better. Funny how a little bundle of fur can depend 100% on you taking care of her. It makes you aware that when you take responsibility for a life you need to really mean it. Even if that little life has four legs.
So when it is cold or dark and life is distressing you can look at the little dog and she will trust you completely without question. She knows she cannot do it on her own....she needs your love and care. Maybe it is very good to have a dog in the middle of winter. Maybe we could learn a lesson from them. Maybe every once in a while all we want is someone to take care of us and pet us on the head.


~grey said...

I totally agree with what the first person said... :) LOL

I do agree that January seems to be the longest and hardest month. But not so much this year... at least not yet. It is damn cold here... and I hate being cold too! But I think March will be worse... depression wise... it always is.

As for our little fur friends... They do make the days brighter... I would be lost with out my little pup. He is my best friend

Smokey's Daughter said...

I agree with first poster too! LOL
So far our winter here in St. Louis has not been too bad. But there is still time for it to turn nasty! I hate winter AND summer so I really need to move somewhere because here we get the worst of both....but oh our Autumns can be lovely!!
We must not let March get us down!! We will think happy thoughts when life and the seasons get us down.

Thanks new friend!!

Walker said...

Money is scarce all around.
I haven't taken Frick to the Vet in 14 years.
I can't afford it, well if it costs a couple of hundred, ok but some vets, depending on the problem could hit you with a bill adding up to thousands and the pet still dies as in the case of one of my friends.
I Believe in pre-maintenance care so Frick eats well and gets plenty of love.
He never goes outside unless i am on the porch and even then he has to stay on the porch and does.
Its the same with us.
We take care of ourselves as much as we could and we will last a little longer.
Frick is turning 20 soon and people tell me he still looks like he did when he was a kitten.
I, on the other hand don't.
Damn cat