Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just Fluff

THE other day my new cousin (wife of old cousin, well not OLD but you get the idea) was posting on Face Book about Marshmallow Creme; also known as Fluff. What the conversation was about is not really that important, talk about whether it was a "Northern" thing. How my "old" cousin had never had it.

Anyway, as I am sitting here today crying over my bills, and trying not to be so scared that I make myself sick, I am trying to think about Fluff.

If you look it up, fluff has many different definitions that don't seem to jive with each other: something of no consequence, a mistake, when an actor flubs his lines, pieces of a junk car that are not metal and cannot be recycled. Those are all so negative!! My favorite definition of fluff is: light & airy, to become fluffy; Soft & light like summer clouds. To move, float, or settle down like fluff. It sounds peaceful and pretty.

Maybe we need to let go of fears and anxiety. Instead of the jitters and tears of not knowing what tomorrow will bring or worrying about how to crawl out of the hole of debt....I think today....I am going to be fluffy. I think I will also eat a peanut butter, Fluff and blueberry sandwhich. Then I am going to settle down like fluff♥

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