Saturday, November 15, 2008

My son's birthday

Today is my son's 19th birthday. As I sat on the sofa at mom's I started to tear up. This was the exact spot my father sat 19 years and 1 day ago when he came home from work at midnight and I came in and told him I was in labor. This is where he sat and called out the time of my contractions so I would know when they were almost over. I miss my dad.
I had back labor the entire time and my mom and dad were there rubbing my back for hours. They were with me every second in the hospital. I could not ask for better parents.
I was 33 and unmarried when I was pregnant and they never passed judgement on me. I was not a kid, I had a job, but it still meant the world to me that they were not ashamed of me.
My father was over the moon with pride in my son. I know that he helped my son become the hard working, caring young man that he is. I know my dad is smiling down on us right now. But I really wish he were still here in person. I love you dad and I still need you.

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